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Soft BiteBlock®


Protecting a Patient's Airway, Teeth & Tongue During Emergence is no Longer Hard

Convenient | Reliable | Safe

100% Medical-grade, Purified Cotton

Size Price (per case) Item Code
Large 3/4" x 4" $330.00 260004
Medium 3/4" x 2.75" $305.00 260003
Small 9/16” x 2.5” $305.00 260005
Bulk (Large 3/4" x 4", NOT individually packaged) $360.00 260000

*Sold by case only

Case Quantity
Individually Packaged: 100/box, 3 boxes/case (300 total)
Bulk (only available in size Large): 120/box, 3 boxes/case (360 total)


  • Richmond Dental and Medical’s Soft Biteblock™ helps protect the airway device (Endotracheal Tube or Laryngeal mask airway), teeth and tongue during emergence. The Soft BiteBlock’s dense cylindrical shape allows for consistent compression performance when placed between a patient’s molars with the tongue positioned medially.

    Key Benefits:

    Reduces the potential of compression on the endotracheal tube or laryngeal mask airway
    Compression can cause a decrease in oxygenation

    Protects the teeth & tongue
    Pressure is exerted on the back molars instead of the front teeth

    Consistent Product Density
    Maintains consistent compression performance

    Packaged ready to dispense, no more rolling and taping gauze
    Saves labor, costs, & time

    Not made with natural rubber latex
    Reducing risk for allergic reactions

    100% medical-grade, purified cotton
    Absorbent, USA grown cotton

    Made in the USA
    Manufactured in Charlotte, NC’s FDA registered facility

  • Part numbers:
    260004 (Large): 3/4" x 4"
    260003 (Medium): 3/4" x 2.75"
    260005 (Small): 9/16” x 2.5”
    260000 (Bulk, Large): 3/4" x 4"

    100% medical-grade cotton wrapped with silky yarn

    Quantity per:
    Individual Packaged: 100/box, 3 boxes per case (300 total)
    Bulk (only available in size Large): 120/box, 3 boxes per case (360 total)

    Shipping Dimensions:
    260004 (Large): LWH: 61 x 24.75 x 26.3 cm
    260003 (Medium): LWH: 61 x 24.75 x 26.3 cm
    260005 (Small): LWH: 61 x 24.75 x 26.3 cm
    260000 (Bulk, Large): LWH: 61 x 24.75 x 26.3 cm

    Shipping weight:
    260004 (Large): 8.10lbs
    260003 (Medium): 6.65lbs
    260005 (Small): 5.20lbs
    260000 (Bulk, Large): 9.46lbs

    Intended Use:
    Richmond Dental and Medical’s Soft BiteBlock™ is used to help protect the airway device (endotracheal tube or laryngeal mask airway), teeth, and tongue from being bitten when patients emerge from anesthesia. The Soft BiteBlock™ is provided non-sterile and is available in sizes: Small, Medium, and Large, depending upon the size of the patient and airway tube being used, please see sizes below.

    Instructions for Use:

    • Wash your hands and use approved medical gloves
    • Assess patient’s oral capacity and condition to ensure it is compatible with size selection of the Soft BiteBlock™
    • Unwrap Soft BiteBlock™ from packaging, following the “Tear Here” and perforations, and dispose of plastic wrapping
    • Carefully, place the Soft BiteBlock™ between the back molars with the tongue medial · Make sure the Soft BiteBlock™ protrudes outside the mouth and is visible
    • Check to ensure the Soft BiteBlock™ is not pressed against the soft tissue, tonsils, or roof of the mouth to cause injury
    • Recheck location of Soft BiteBlock™ frequently during use
    • Extract Soft BiteBlock™ when no longer needed
    • For single patient use only

    Available Sizes:

    Item # (A) Soft BiteBlock™ Size
    (Before compression testing)
    Packaging Color (B) Wet* Compressed Dia. (mm) (B) Dry** Compressed Dia. (mm)
    260004 Large:  4"(101.6 mm) x 3/4" (19.05 mm) Red 5 7
    260003 Medium:  2.75"(69.85 mm) x 3/4" (19.05 mm) Blue 5 7
    260005 Small:  2.5" (63.5 mm) x 9/16" (14.29 mm) Teal 3 4.3

    (A) Before compression testing
    (B) After compression testing
    *Wet Compression testing was done on water saturated samples at 600 Newton’s/135 pounds’ force pressure
    **Dry Compression testing at 600 Newton’s/135 pounds’ force pressure

    Warning and Precautions:
    This device should only be used by CRNAs, Anesthesiology Technicians, Anesthesiologists, and other persons having adequate training and familiarity with intubation techniques.

    When placing the Soft BiteBlock™ into the patient’s mouth, care should be exercised to avoid placing fingers between the bite block and patient’s teeth.

    The Soft BiteBlock™ is not designed to be reprocessed or reused, and therefore cannot verify that reprocessing can clean and/or sterilize or maintain the structural integrity of the device to ensure patient safety. Plastic packaging is not autoclavable.

    Product Disposal:
    After use, this product may be a potential biohazard. Handle and dispose of in accordance with accepted medical practice and applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

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